Think Architecture is an invitation, both to ourselves and to our current and future clients, to seek out architectural challenges and to measure ourselves against professional benchmarks. “Thinking architecturally” entails designing and realizing images, from the conceptual phase through to detailed planning. It also includes the intellectual process from the moment we meet the customer and see the construction site for the first time all the way to final completion of the project. The company name is a vision, a mission and motivation all at the same time. We are an independent enterprise founded in 2008 as a joint-stock company for architecture, project development and general planning.


Our tried and tested, successful method of collaboration allows us to realize unique building projects for sophisticated customers. We strive to be among the best in the industry, which is why we take an interdisciplinary approach and work with leading specialists and firms – because only when we have a strong team can we realize our vision.


Our mission is to work for and together with our customers to realize very specific tasks at very specific locations and within very specific timeframes. During both the concept and implementation phases, we focus on guaranteeing the added value required for the customer’s project. In the process, we are guided by the following objectives: intelligent architecture, successful project development, a full range of services, and proven competence.


Each employee is responsible for their unique field of expertise and possesses the competence required for this, allowing us to promote individual professional development. We’ve dedicated ourselves to architecture because we have a passion for what we do and hold our work to the highest standards. This is the defining feature of our work, as well as of the relationship we have with our customers.


Think Architecture’s vision and mission is implemented by a gradually established team of highly motivated and innovative architects. Our staff draws on a broad range of skills and experiences and exhibits an outstanding ability to collaborate and communicate, ensuring that our extensive offerings are of excellent quality.

Ralph Brogle

dipl. Arch ETH/SIA
Managing Director | Owner

Marco Zbinden

dipl. Arch FH
Creative Director | Owner

Dominique Beer

dipl. Arch. BA ZFH
Design, Project Development

Teresa Blasco

dipl. Arch. UPV
Project Architect

Gemma Garcia

Dipl. Ing. Arch ETSAM
Project Architect

Marcel Frei

dipl. Arch FH
Project Manager

Linus Cavegn

dipl. Arch BSc FHO
Project Manager

Marie Jung

Project Architect

Stefanie Kleiser

Architektin M.A. / SIA
Project Manager

Laura Rosina

M.Sc. Architektur
Project Manager

Giuliano Maruccia

dipl. Arch BA ZFH

Brigitte Schwarzenbach



Think Architecture AG

Dipl. Arch ETH/FH/SIA

Mühle Tiefenbrunnen 
Seefeldstrasse 233
CH–8008 Zürich

T +41 44 209 90 00 
F +41 44 209 90 09